A Excellent / Superior Quality
B Above Average / Room for Improvement
C Fair / Needs Work
D Poor Quality / Unsafe
F Dangerous

The grades on this Hospital Report Card are based on a grading curve. The number of submissions and the grades submitted are used to generate an average grade for each hospital.

To view comments, click on the name of a Hospital to view comments submitted and individual grades given. For more detailed information, please go to our Discussion Forum.

To grade the hospital of your choice, or grade a new one to be added to the list, you need to be registered with the Victims of Cedars website. Registration is required to maintain accurate information and to keep from having duplicate submissions by the same person. You only need to register once to submit comments, stories or grades. To grade a hospital, we ask for the hospital name, the year of your experience with the hospital, and your grade for that hospital. Have you been to the same hospital more than once over the years? If so, you have the option to grade the hospital for each year you were there. We provide this opportunity because we realize that experiences vary due to hospital services improving or worsening under different conditions (such as new management, changes in staff, services and/or policies, etc). You also have the option to include a brief comment (100 words or less) with each grade you submit. Your Username, City, State, Year graded and Grade you gave the hospital will be included with your comments. If you wish to make a more detailed submission, please submit your complete story of your experience at a hospital by going to Submit a Story.

All submissions are processed within 48 hours.
Please return to Victims of Cedars to view grade updates and new comments.

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